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Cardio Blastin, Calorie Shreddin, fun way to exercise for people who don't like Treadmills or Ellipticals! The Kenpo Fit NHR Challenge will get you in shape and keep you there!!!

ATTN- LOUISVILLE, KY- HUGE OPPORTUNITY! We're looking for people to undergo a total body transformation! Our program is designed to change your life, but this is not a "magic pill". Expect to work hard. We don't care where you're starting from, only that you try your hardest, follow the Nutrition plan, and just don't quit!

The Kenpo Fit NHR Challenge is a full Nutritional program plus exercise classes of high energy, rapid pace assortment of drills designed to kick your heart rate up and keep it there. The Classes will cover the exercise portion of your challenge. This is not some half baked obstacle course, this is Kenpo boot camp! You want the figure of a MMA fighter without the busted nose or cauliflower ear? You wish you could look like Ronda Rousey? The NHR Challenge has what you need!

Just imagine a year of our Kenpo exercises and drills arranged into six week rotations!! All the static basics, target heavy bag and boxing mitt drills, and timed burnout exercises, we use in our karate classes, and set to a bumpin soundtrack, to kick things up a notch! This is 60 minutes of Xtreme Kenpo Karate that will blow away those old Tae Bo tapes!!

This is how it works, 90% of the challenge in meeting your fitness goals is Nutritional and Dietary. No matter how extreme the physical component of the challenge is, if there is no adjustment to how you eat, then you will not see the changes you want. NHR stands for the Natural Health Revolution, and to make the changes happen we are convinced the addition of one superfood as your breakfast supplement will change your Nutritional decencies. Moringa Olifera is the most nutrient dense botanical in the world. Processed into a powder form it can be consumed everyday mixed with 16-20oz of water. The powder is called SuperMix and the addition of this to your diet is the most important factor in achieving your health goals. You are what you eat, SuperMix is Good Stuff In!!

The other ingredient to change your metabolism is Detox. Along with the daily consumption of SuperMix we will use an evening Tea brew that will flush the toxins from your system while you sleep. The Premium Tea will be used 2-3 times a week, and the following morning you will pass all the stuff your body can't process, as well as the extra stuff your body wants to "store" but doesn't need to. The Premium Tea works to clean house, when your body's natural impulse is to horde everything in fat storage. SuperMix is Good Stuff in, Detox is Bad Stuff out!!

This is where you can order your SuperMix & Premium Tea, it is a better deal to sign up as a wholesale member, or auto ship, where you can set up a new case to be shipped every 28 days, but if you wish to pay a little more and just order as you need then you certainly can just be a retail customer. The Wholesale Membership is a better deal because along with a better price, the reward points will accumulate allowing you to get free product if you just continue to use the SuperMix everyday and let the automated system do the work.

There is no requirement to be using the SuperMix and Detox to take the class. The cost of the course is the same as the cost of a regular membership to Bluegrass Martial Arts, and this includes access to the other classes offered at Bluegrass Martial Arts. Kenpo Fit is included with membership to Bluegrass Martial Arts and is thus also available to anyone who is already a member.

For those who do use the products along with the exercise, they will have the best results. Every evening take the SuperMix and shake it into a water bottle, then leave it over night in the refrigerator and it will be diluted and cold for the next morning. Let the SuperMix be your breakfast, and follow the plan through the week, SuperMix every morning, Detox 2-3 times a week at night and you will be transformed for the better in weeks.

Slim down and tone up, Come join any of the other classes if you need to make up a missed class or just because you want to for free!!

Don't wait on your health goals! Click the link above and jump start the Best Version of YOU!!!!!

Instructor:Sam Conver

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