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Learn all the locks, pins, positions, and tricks you see in MMA, without injury! I cant afford to get hurt, and neither can you!

If you really want to learn all about Ju Jitsu and catch wrestling, you have seen how effective these grappling systems are in mixed martial arts, but you don't want the risk of injury, then this is the class for you. If you can afford to be hurt, and are looking for a place to test your "skills", go somewhere else! Please!

Grappling Science is a class for those who apreciate and respect the risk of injury, and want to learn, but have no desire to "fight" professionally. This is a family friendly place to learn, safty is first, second and third priority!

Jujutsu translates to mean the gentile way. In these drills more than any other students must stay relaxed and soft. No hard, tense, or fast motions are necessary or to be preferred for two reasons. One reason is practical, there is a danger of injury. These drills involve joint locks and take downs. Partners must be gentile and careful as to not cause injury to each other. Stay gentile and be safe.

The other reason to remain gentile with these drills is that in order to understand how controlling another person’s balance really works, strength must not be a part of the equation. These exercises are about timing and leverage. The objective is to find the most efficient and most effortless way to bring an opponent down and control them. They are designed to enable a weaker opponent to topple a stronger one. If strength is all one relies on with these exercises they can never really learn the actual skill of capturing another person’s balance.

There is a difference between jujutsu and wrestling, one is about a gentile skill of leverage, and the other is a skill involving a test of strength as much as leverage. I mean no disrespect toward wrestling, but that is not the purpose of these exercises. Don’t muscle your way through these holds and takedowns.

More emphasis will be on standing takedowns and escape then submission. The goal will be to attempt to capture the balance of the other. Eventually free movement should progress toward culminating all the basics and previous exercises to an environment of controlled fighting. Again there is no point system; it is not a competition between students. It is a competition with oneself.

Controlled free movement is where both partners’ take a pace appropriate for the level of skill they have. Not attempting to create a full speed, real time fight, but to slow things down enough to be safe, and allow time to think through the motions. The attacker can make the engagement shorter or longer by countering the defender’s defenses, but in the end the defender has to win. Once victory has been reached the roles switch and the exercise continues. This is the highest level of training and it must be attempted without ego, without competition, it can only be about personal betterment in martial art skill.

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