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Kenpo Karate youth program Ages 4-10 years old. See the Belts tab for more

The Kenpo Karate for Kids is an introduction into martial arts. Children not yet old enough to join the adult population will enjoy this age appropriate and challenging arrangement of the Kenpo Karate system. Designed for kids between the ages of 4-10 years old, Kids Kenpo Karate will prepare younger children for the more complicated requirements of the adult program.

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The classes will follow a rapid routine changing focus covering warm up sets, drilling basics, tumbling, forms, one-step techniques, jump kicks, and ending with a fun activity. We will cover the repetition necessary to develop the muscle memory and coordination imperative to studying martial arts. The drills will change enough to keep the kids from getting bored and keep the repetition a fun process.

The material begins easy to learn and with each new level adds enough to be appropriately more complex. With the completion of the final level the child should be well prepared to join the adult group even if they have not outgrown the age window set for Kids Kenpo Karate. If at any point the boy or girl does reach an age where they wish to move up to the adult group they may do so. It is not necessary for the child to finish the Kids curriculum before joining the adults. If a child grows past the age window set, but they wish to continue to finish the material before moving onto the adult program they may do so.

There are seven levels in Kids Kenpo Karate. Advancing to a new level comes as a promotion to a new belt level. The belts are white belts with a color stripe running along the center length of the belt. Everyone begins at white belt and then progress through yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, then finally the red stripe. Each level has one-step techniques, and a form that must be learned to advance to that belt level.

Kenpo Karate for Kids should be a positive experience for your child. You should see improvements in your child’s athletic abilities, mental focus, and emotional health. Strength, flexibility, and coordination will be challenged. The concentration and discipline demanded to learn Karate should reflect in their schoolwork as well. Best of all, the confidence your child will develop in rising to each level’s new challenges and achieving their new belt will be priceless.