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Bluegrass Martial Arts

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This is the middle part of the Tuesday Adult Kenpo Karate class time, and Half of the Friday hour - the full Kickboxing curriculum outlined by Joe Lewis himself

In the Mainstream, Bruce Lee is recognized as the ultimate martial arts icon, but within the world of full contact kickboxing, the premier star has been the man twice voted as the Greatest Fighter in Karate History, Joe Lewis. Lewis is unmatched in his accomplishments as a fighter, and instructor. In a career spanning four decades, Lewis has won more titles and set more records than anyone in the history of sport Karate. As friend, training partner, and fellow innovator of Bruce Lee, Lewis has taken much of the theoretical Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee was in process of developing and put it to real time use in the ring.

At Bluegrass Martial Arts we offer a class time in the full Kickboxing curriculum outlined by Joe Lewis himself, as well as integrate the Kickboxing material into one of the weekly Karate classes.

All the skill sets and Strategy necessary for Professional Kickboxing, and other methods made popular with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts. Learn the skill sets under close supervision, with interactive drills designed by the late great Joe Lewis, to teach principles of breaking the gap - probing, set point, broken rhythm, the different fighting styles based on personality types, and how to be a true master of the ring!

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