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the opportunity to learn the ways of the Jedi. The most comprehensive, coherent, and classical instruction this side of the outer rim! classes full of fun, character building, and of course Lightsabers!

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Academy training can begin early. Younglings ages 3-6, and Padawans, ages 7-11, study basic agility, Lightsaber Shii (stances), Sai & Cho angles (offensive cuts), and Cortay (blocking). Jar (interactive sets)

Some Djem (dueling techniques), and Dulon (forms) are introduced along with the styles they correspond to.

Jedi Initiates ages 12-17, practice intermediate agility, The full transmittion of Shii Cho is learned. The second style of study is selected.


For all other Jedi and Sith ranks

note*** Jedi Academy is a free additional course available to Bluegrass Martial Arts members. First priority will defer to other courses offered at the academy. As such the instructors reserve the right to make adjustments in class times or cancellations when needed. The web site will reflect the usual class times, but if you are intending to visit for the first time, or if you have been absent from recent classes, a courtesy call before you leave to ensure class will be held can save you an otherwise unnecessary trip.***

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Jedi Apprentice: age range 18 & up, must be under the direct supervision and instruction of a Jedi, teaching the same form of Lightsaber combat the Apprentice choose as a Padawan. The apprentice will Assists with instruction of Younglings and Padawans.

Trials for Jedi or Sith rank can be challenged once the full transmission of Shii Cho plus another one of the forms is mastered, and will involve the full course material of agility, and Lightsaber fighting skills. All Dulon, Jar, or Djem must be ready to be tested.

Jedi: Having competed the Jedi trials, is now eligible to serve on the Jedi Master's Council, leads instruction of Initiates in Shii Cho. Must take an Apprentice in the same form of Lightsaber combat to begin training for the trials.

Jedi Guardian: must have a former Apprentice that has passed the trials, and moved on to become a Jedi them-self. The Jedi Guardian also will begin the training for an Apprentice who is learning a different Lightsaber form than the one he or she passed the trials with, so a third form must be mastered.

Jedi Knight: has Full knowledge of all ten Lightsaber combat forms and assumes the responsibility of launching and directing another Jedi Academy.

Jedi Master: Must have a former Apprentice that has moved on as a Jedi Knight to begin their own Jedi Academy.

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Class Hours:

7:00 - 8:00pm