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Kenpo Karate at Bluegrass Martial Arts

Bluegrass Martial Arts is located in Louisville, Ky. 

"I come to you with only Karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Karate, my empty hands."

-Ed Parker

A simple translation of Kenpo Karate would be "Law of the Fist and Empty Hand". Kenpo Karate is a comprehensive system of Martial Art, a deliberate and scientific take on modern self-defense, offering a wide variety of effective answers to differing self-defense scenarios. This style of Karate is characterized by fast explosive strikes delivered to multiple targets. The multitude of fast strikes is, overwhelming for an opponent, and ensures that at least some strikes effectively hit their target, or they can serve as a set up to a more complicated take down and restraints. Kenpo Karate does not so much teach a set of standard responses to a set of limited scenarios, but rather teaches a set of principles that can be applied in any situation.

Kenpo is a system with the building blocks common to all karate styles, but with a focus directed towards self defense, and engineered from beginning to end, each part having an obvious place, building on the part before. Nothing is done, just because... tradition. 

Every technique, Form, and Set complements each other to take all the chaos of combat, and separate it into categories of attacks, then connect the defense and counters to those attacks into groups, then attach the follow up combination to those counters into families. Kenpo builds the appropriate reflexive muscle memory response to the different attack possibilities. All the principals and concepts connect somewhere creating relational connections between all the parts.

Fighting is dangerous and overwhelming because of all the unknown variables at work. Kenpo is the only self-defense system that goes to such lengths to be engineered in a relational way. No other martial arts system creates so much order out of the chaos of fighting.

Kenpo Karate at Bluegrass Martial Arts is an adjusted version of American and Traditional Kenpo systems, as well as forms from the Jun Bao Gung Fu system and Traditional Okinawan Karate. Both Kenpo Schools share a significant amount of identical information, and still retain parts unique to just the one school or the other. They really are two parts of a larger whole so we observe the full curriculum of both schools, Parker and Tracy, without the redundancy.

Kenpo as a system is said to not "change", but it is imperative that it be refined. It is thus changed, but only in as much as it can be always improved upon. Kenpo as we train it at Bluegrass Martial Arts strives only toward such improvements and only as necessary. In most instances any alteration from the Traditional or American schools is for instructional coherency and progression of movements and principles as they build on each other.

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