Bluegrass Martial Arts 

Bluegrass Martial Arts

2506 Plantside Dr, Louisville, KY 40299

(502) 499-4050




 Gripping Talon

 Left Direct Wrist Grab

 Si Ping Kuen

 Thrusting Wedge

 Front Two Hand Push, High

 Long Form 2

 Shield and Mace

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Retreating Pendulum

 Right Replacement Back Kick

 Striking Set 1

 Gift in Return



 Crashing Wings

 Rear Bear Hug, Arms Free


 Heavenly Ascent

 Front Two Hand Choke


 Grasp of Death

 Side Headlock


 Securing the Storm

 High Inward Horizontal Club Attack



 Front Two Hand Belt Grab


 Twist of Fate

 Front Two Hand Push, High


 Raining Claw

 Right Thrusting Uppercut


 Circle of Doom

 Right Front Kick





 Tripping Arrow

 Front Bear Hug, Arms Free


 Escape from Death

 Rear Sleeper Choke


 Flight to Freedom

 Right Direct Palm Up Hammerlock


 Clipping the Storm

 Center Club Thrust


 Lone Kimono

 Left Direct Lapel Grab


 Flashing Wings

 Right Thrusting Punch