Bluegrass Martial Arts 

Bluegrass Martial Arts

2506 Plantside Dr, Louisville, KY 40299

(502) 499-4050




 Glancing Spear

 Right Direct Wrist Grab


 Sweeping Arm Hook

 Front Two Hand Push, Low

 Long Form 3

 Gathering Clouds

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Detour from Doom

 Right Roundhouse Kick

 Blocking Set 2

 Twin Kimono

 Two Hand Lapel Grab, Pushing


 Broken Ram



 Twisted Wings

 Front Two Hand Choke


 Bow of Compulsion

 Right Hand Z Lock


 Capturing the Storm

 Downward Vertical Club Attack


 Menacing Twirl

 Rear Left Palm Down Belt Grab, Pulling



 Left Cross Push, High


 Twirling Hammers

 Left Thrusting Punch


 The Serpent

 Right Front Kick


 Twirling Sacrifice

 Full Nelson


 Catching the Leg

 Rear Bear Hug, Arms Pinned


 Cross of Death

 Front Cross Arm Choke


 Silent Escape

 Right Direct Palm Up Hammerlock


 Offer of Dust

 Center Club Thrust


 Desperate Falcons

 Front Direct Two Hand Direct Wrist Grabs


 Protecting Fans

 Left then Right Punch Combination