Bluegrass Martial Arts 

Bluegrass Martial Arts

2506 Plantside Dr, Louisville, KY 40299

(502) 499-4050




 Begging Hands

 Front Two Hand Direct Wrist Grabs

 Gun Gi

 Thrust into Darkness

 Rear Right Direct Push to Left Shoulder

 Long Form 5

 Destructive Fans

 Right Thrusting Punch, from Left Side


 Rotating Destruction

 Right Front, Left Spinning Back Kick Combination

 Kicking Set 2

 Courting the Tiger

 Wrist Grabs from Both Sides


 Intercepting the Ram



 Obscure Sword

 Rear Left Direct Grab to Right Shoulder


 The Back Breaker

 Right Thrusting Punch, from Right Side


 Circling the Storm

 Center Club Thrust


 Raising the Staff

 Right Direct Wrist Grab


 Falcons of Force

 Shoulder Grabs from Both Sides


 Falling Falcon

 Right Direct Lapel Grab


 2 Man Swinging Gate

 Front Two Hand Lapel Grab, and Rear Right Punch


 Leap of Death

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Wing Break

 Right Lapel Grab, Left Elbow Grab



 Right Thrusting Punch


 Entangled Wing

 Figure Four Lock to Right Arm


 Whirling Blades

 Front Right Punch, and Rear Right Punch


 Shielding Hammer

 Left Roundhouse Punch


 Raining Lance

 Downward Vertical Reverse Grip Knife Attack