Bluegrass Martial Arts 

Bluegrass Martial Arts

2506 Plantside Dr, Louisville, KY 40299

(502) 499-4050


One Year Required Following Promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt

Both Extensions of All Techniques for Blue, 5th Green, and 4th Green Belts

All Forms from Yellow - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Authorized to Promote Rank up to 4th Kyu Green Belt

Minimum age required 17 years old




 The Phoenix

 Right Lapel Grab, Left Elbow Grab, Pulling

 (Tonfa Nicho)

 Retreating Phoenix

 Right Lapel Grab, Left Elbow Grab, Pushing


 Leap from Danger

 Rear Two Hand Push, High

 Dark Sky Staff Set

 Falling into Darkness

 Front Two Hand Push, High

 Two Man Set

 Clawing Panther

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Slashing Cougar

 Left Thrusting Punch


 Stick of Death

 Inward Downward Club Attack


 Twisting Vine

 Outward Downward Club Attack


 Entwined Maces

 Left then Right Punch Combination


 Fatal Deviation

 Right then Left Punch Combination


 Chinese Cobra

 Right then Left Punch Combination


 Double Asp

 Left then Right Punch Combination


 Circling Serpent

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Crossing Swords

 Left Thrusting Punch


 Ming's Sword

 Center Knife Thrust, Low


 Tumbling Clouds

 Center Knife Thrust, High


 The Bear and the Ram

 Rear Bear Hug, Arms Free, Front Right Punch


 Reprimanding the Bears

 Rear Bear Hug, Arms Pinned, Front Right Punch


 Sweeping Serpent

 Left Front Kick, then Left Thrusting Punch


 Legions of Ming

 Right Front Kick, then Right Thrusting Punch