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The requirements for the full advancement through the Kenpo Karate for Kids program are all listed below. They are not divided by the level each step is for. Some of the One Step Self-Defense Techniques appear in multiple levels as a new move is added to build the technique one step at a time. There are seven levels total, signified by a white belt with a color stripe running along the middle. Each level is a sub step of what would be a white belt in the adult Kenpo Karate program.The belt stripe levels are Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, and Red.

Kids Kenpo Karate Parents Guide

One Step Defense      Attack Forms and Sets

Yellow Stripe

Whipping Backfist        Right Step Through Punch

Step Through Punch    Right Step Through Punch

Inward Hammerfist       Left Step Through Punch

Basic Form 1

Orange Stripe

Shield and Fist             Right Step Through Punch

Cross Punch                 Right Step Through Punch

Windmill Block              Left Step Through Punch

Glancing Fist                Left Step Through Punch

Basic Form 2

Purple Stripe

Weaving Maces           Left Step Through Punch

Breaking Talon             Left Cross Wrist Grab

Basic Form 3

Blue Stripe

Wrist Escape                Left Direct Wrist Grab

Delayed Hammerfist     Right Direct Lapel Grab

Basic Form 4

Green Stripe

Wrist Hook                    Right Direct Wrist Grab

Lone Retreat                 Left Direct Lapel Grab

Busted Ears                  Front Bear Hug, Arms Free

Basic Form 5

Brown Stripe

Snapping Wrist             Front Two Hand Wrist Grabs

Breaking the Grip         Two Hand Lapel Grab, Pushing

Sinking Elbow               Rear Bear Hug, Arms Pinned

Thrusting Palm             Right Front Kick

Kids Kicking Set 

Kids Striking Set 

Advanced Form 1

Red Stripe

Rolling Wrist                 Right Cross Wrist Grab

The Wedge                   Two Hand Lapel Grab, Pulling

Crashing Elbows          Rear Bear Hug, Arms Free

Buckling Knee              Left Front Kick

Spinning Escape          Rear Two Hand Choke 

Escape Set

Advanced Form 2

Short Form 1 (first half)