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No School!!! What will we do with the Kids???


Bluegrass Martial Arts Summer Camp is an enriching solution to your summer activity needs. Camps run Monday to Friday as scheduled. The day begins at 8:00 with drop off times starting at 7:30AM. The camp day ends at 12:30 with pick up times extending to 1:00PM.


During the morning the kids will be immersed in exciting activities that teach respect and self discipline. It’s not just another sports camp, this is an investment in a complete approach to self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence. Your child will be challenged physically and mentally in fun and unique ways.


Multiple Karate classes are held during the week. Kenpo Karate has been demonstrated to increase focus, balance, flexibility, and offers the best in practical self-defense. Your child will also improve in confidence as they master increasingly complex techniques. At Bluegrass Martial Arts we teach children to find peaceful resolutions to conflict through reason with words and respect to the other party.


There will also be an enrichment time of teaching using Vacation Bible School materials. Bluegrass Martial Arts is a Christian owned and operated academy, so we will adopt materials from resources our local churches use for their VBS materials.


If you want something different than babysitting, consider a week of camp at Bluegrass Martial Arts. We promise a memorable summer experience for your child with a lasting impact on their character. Help your little Ninja become what you already know they are – a champion!

Summer Schedule Listed Below

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