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The Makashi exercise begins as a Jar but at some point in the exchange one student will beat the other ending the drill with a Shiak, thrust.

Makashi is a form characterized by the Shiak, and uses it more than the rest. This makes Makashi a more aggressive form, and highly effective in one to one dueling. It is a refined form of saber combat, elegant and requiring less effort on the part of the user.

Also known as the Contention Form or Way of the Ysalamiri (have the ability to nullify the Force) Makashi uses smaller circular parries, Shien, to draw the opponent closer, then attacks with deep lunging thrusts.

Makashi is also a So form. Like Shii Cho the blade is always forward and most often extended horizontally to the front. This forward pointing of the blade is reflected in the Shii, posture, of this style.

The saber handle is also unique to a true Makashi follower, bending so it can be gripped easily with the blade pointing forward.

Moon Cha Jar

Moon Cha Cortay             Moon Sai Mok

Moon Cha Cho Orbital     Moon Mai Cortay

Sun Cha Cortay               Sun Sai Mok

Moon Cha Cortay – Moon Photo Shien –Moon Cha Shiak

Sun Cha Jar

Sun Cha Cortay              Sun Sai Mok

Sun Cha Cho Orbital       Sun Mai Cortay

Moon Cha Cortay            Moon Sai Mok

Sun Cha Cortay – Sun Photo Shien – Sun Cha Shiak

Count Dooku is the most well known Makashi master. Easily defeating both Anakin and Obi Wan in their first encounter, by taking them on in turn, not both at the same time.

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