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Djem So

Most sources will list Soresu as the third form of lightsaber combat, however most sources also confuse 3 of the forms to have an alternate variation. In truth the critical nuances that distinguish the form and "variation" more than merit recognizing these as separate forms in total. Where seven forms of lightsaber combat are the norm, ten should be.

Djem So, like Makashi, is named for how the form is transmitted. It is necessary to know how the Jar of Shii Cho works to understand Makashi. In the same way It is necessary to understand the transmission of Djem So to understand how it varies from Soresu and Shien.

So means single weapon as the other previous forms have also been.

Djem means to destroy or kill, so Djem So means the weapon that destroys. It's name comes from an old proverb, "the sword, So, that kills, Djem, is the sword that saves"

Djem So is, like Makashi, also an aggressive form, but this stems from Djem So being born out of a period of war.  Also known as the Perseverance Form or the Way of The Krayt Dragon (fierce and powerful reptile that was native to Tatooine) The design of Djem So is based on manipulating an opponent's attack, and overpowering.

Similar to Makashi's use of the Shiak, Djem So begins each exchange with the Sai, an overhead downward vertical cut intended to be a killing attack. This attack is initiated by the student designated as the aggressor. The aggressor plays the part of projecting the killing intent and the victor responds with a combination of defensive and counter maneuvers to end the encounter defeating the attacker, often finishing with a Sai himself.

Djem So is a form that favors strength, and it is very common for users of this form to augment their strength with the force. This form is also favored by reverse grip fighters. Djem So experts transition seamlessly between forward and reverse grip mid combat.

The most famous Djem So master is Darth Vader. Although he never displays use of the reverse grip his disciple Starkiller in the Force Unleashed games shows the quality of his reverse grip instruction.

Anakin's internal struggle to not give into his anger and respond by using the dark side to supplement his strength is a common theme in the Star Wars history.

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