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Ataru means to jump.

Where Djem So calls upon the force to augment the strength of the user, Ataru uses the force to augment the speed and agility of its user. An Ataru expert is just as comfortable fighting in the air as they are on the ground.

The Ataru form requires a great supply of energy to stay airborne and battle at the same time. The combination of jumping and swinging the saber lends to unpredictable turns and flips.

Also known as the Aggression Form or the Way of the Hawk-Bat, (raptavian: reptile and bird hybrid) the athleticism necessary to be effective in this style normally makes this a young mans form. Even using the force to assist, many an impressive young Ataru stylist aged out, to favor a form that didn't demand so much of their endurance to execute.

Ironically the most famous Ataru master is also the oldest Jedi to ever live in recorded history, the one and only Master Yoda!

The transmission of Ataru is done by way of the dulon. The dulon is a single person exercise where multiple opponents are imagined and several Djems are strung together along with various transitions in a combat exercise.

The advantage of the dulon is no partner is needed for training. Ataru practitioners can become well skilled even spending long periods in exile from other Jedi.

Because of this advantage the dulon has been known to be adopted as a training exercise for the other forms as well, but in the most classical schools the dulon is reserved as the means of transmission for Ataru and Juyo forms only.

The disadvantage of the dulon is the combat application of patterns can become forgotten and the practicality of movements gets exchanged for aesthetic only. While impressive to watch, the dulon must retain its combat training purpose.

There are five dulons in Ataru, each one more complex than the one before, They are "Water of the Kyber", "Cato Neimoidian", "Krayt Dulon", "Ysalamiri Dulon" and "Vornskr and Mynock". The last three dulons are named after the beasts they mimic.

Phase I is the Empty Hand application of the dulon, Ataru begins with no saber and first learns to use the natural body as the weapon. Phase II is the same dulon with the saber. Phase III of Ataru is where the dulon takes flight! At Phase III the dulon keeps its original basic sequence, but each separate technique is modified for the more acrobatic application. Phase III Ataru is considered the full potential of swordsmanship and few ever reach such status.
Water of the Kyber
The first dulon of Ataru is the intersection of the immovable object and the unstoppable force. Kyber crystal is one of the strongest minerals known. It can focus massive levels of energy into solid beams of light. These beams hold a consistent shape and can cut through almost anything. The Kyber Crystal is the heart of the light saber, rare and precious to all Jedi. Kyber is the immovable object.
Water is the unstoppable force. It is formless and thus can take the shape of any container it is stored in, but it can also cut through stone. Water can flow or it can crash. The first dulon has elements of flowing and crashing while making a shape of a Kyber Crystal.
Cato Neimoidian
The city of Cato Neimoidian or, "the city of bridges", is likely the source of where the second dulon of Ataru comes from and thus it is named. Within the sections of this dulon there are several other famous bridges named. While they are not bridges in the city of Cato Neimoidian these sections and how they have been named suggest the idea of what a bridge is, as a passage way of information, is the foundation of what the second dulon in Ataru is about.
At any point of contact in battle, information is exchanged. Everytime sabers clash or cross the two opponents are sending the information of there intention through their blade and into their opponents. Even the quickest sting of blade on blade sends with it the intention behind the sting, and thus is a passage of information, a bridge, between the two combatants. The intent to kill, or wound, or just to frighten can be discerned by a master of this dulon.
It was said that Yoda knew the mind of his opponent with the first touch of his first attack. It is also rumored that this form was Dooku's favorite while he was a padawn to Yoda, but that he was tempted by the dark side early in his training and never learned beyond the first two dulons. Dooku found a new master and a new form to study, eventually becoming a master of Makashi.