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Niman is the oldest of the Jedi forms. It even out-dates the existence of Lightsabers.

Niman is not a style of Lightsaber combat but rather a philosophy that directs the path of the Jedi that has left the order to follow a higher calling.

In the case of Niman, any other form is the base fighting style during battle, whichever form was studied before leaving the order.

The Jedi order is one characterized by valuing detachments. Close relationships are discouraged, and romantic relationships are forbidden. Relationships are believed to be too vulnerable. It is too easy to manipulate someone by hurting someone they love.

Niman is a rejection of this Jedi law.

The Niman Jedi embraces relationships in the healthiest way. Even marriage is possible for the Niman, they will have to leave the Jedi order, but for the Niman this is an easy choice.

The family relationship takes priority over the Jedi vows, and among the master's council it is agreed that marriage is the most honorable of covenants, and raising a family a more valuable calling than to the Jedi order.

For the Niman, marriage is the ultimate sacrifice of the self, the willingness to give up anything for the sake of their loved ones happiness. It is the death of selfishness everyday to be of one mind in the most sacred of all relationships.

Niman embrace attachments of relationships and value every life as sacred. Niman value life and relationships to a degree they are willing to sacrifice their own life for another.

This willingness to be a martyr is born from a love of life, in contrast to the Jedi code that is also willing to die for a cause, because they are conditioned not to be attached to life.

Niman is also known as The Moderation Form or the Way of the Rancor. The Rancor is a fearsome beast and will eat any thing or anyone. They are top of the food chain, with very few creatures large enough or fast enough to feed on the Rancor.

The Rancor is also remarkably communal. Living in herds, they will organize and divide labor, mate for life, and attack, and eat anything that threatens the herd, including foreign Rancor herds.

All other forms of Lightsaber combat are transmitted in the same way, whether studied as a Jedi or Sith.

Even Soresu, which tends to favour the light side with its emphasis on defence and use of the Shiim, can be distorted to replace the Shiim with a killing attack, and use the expertise of timing and distance to be more effective assassins.

Niman is the exception to this rule.

The corruption of the Niman philosophy does not lead to a rejection of detachment of relationships. For a Sith it is encouraged to reject the Jedi commitment to detachment, and instead fully embrace attachment of any impulse and appetite.

The Sith  only value relationships as far as they can be manipulated to gain more power, fame, wealth or influence. It is these impulses that a Sith embrace.

The Sith encourage unhealthy narcissistic personality traits.

The Sith Niman is a master of the dark side, and will prefer to kill their opponent with force powers rather than engage an enemy that may be a more disciplined, and better skilled swordsman.

The Sith Niman is every bit as deadly before he ever reaches for his Lightsaber, as he is once it is activated.

The primary example of Niman is Emperor Palpatine.

For a former Jedi, a true Niman is rare. Also just as dangerous unarmed, the Niman has spent his time since leaving the Jedi order still in training.

The training for Niman requires greater discipline to master than other forms, because the Niman seeks to be able to disarm an attacker while unarmed himself.

Not permitted to carry a Lightsaber, the Niman must be able to take the sword from his assailant.

Niman means capture, or catch.

The essence of Niman is to catch the opponent in a moment and beat him without a weapon, by taking his.

The transmission of Niman works like the Soresu exercise. If two Jedis that have left the order happen to cross paths, they can begin a study of Niman in exile.

For Niman the timing and distance must be perfected to be just out of range as one student attacks with Sai. The unarmed partner must Soresu, not be there, but still be close enough to reach the attacker's arms.

While maintaining a strong balanced posture the unarmed Jedi must disarm and unbalance his armed opponent, take his weapon, and as he returns to attack with Sai, it then becomes his partners turn to do the same.

The same commitment to not injure the attacker is observed as in Soresu.

During the long period of peace Niman were more common. When the need for Jedi was less desperate it was more accepted for a Jedi to request to follow the Niman path.

By the time of the rise of the Empire, Niman were all but extinct, and in Vader's quest to destroy the Jedi order the very few left were eliminated quickly and quietly.

Only recorded texts and holocrons of the Niman techniques survived.