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Juyo is the quickest recognized form of Lightsaber combat, because this is the style of the saber staff.

Fast and unpredictable, the saber staff is the most difficult of the forms to master.

Juyo means to turn, or spin.

Like Ataru this system requires an excessive amount of athleticism to use.

Where Ataru stylists will use the force to augment their speed and agility, the Juyo expert will use the force to augment their endurance. Seeming to never grow tired or dizzy, Juyo is a form designed to take several opponents at once and to fight with full intensity until the battle is over.

Also known as the Ferocity Form or Way of the Vornskr (vicious, predatory animal that was able to detect and hunt Force-Sensitive creatures) Juyo is a nonstop hurricane of destruction.

Juyo, also like Ataru, is the other form that is transmitted through the dulon.

Juyo is just as acrobatic but even more dangerous, causing twice the damage in the hands of a master.

It is common more in Juyo than any other fighting style for the student to amputate one of their own limbs during training, even proficient students.

Thought lost forever, this form resurfaced for the first time since the days of the old republic, in the hands of a highly skilled Sith.

Juyo is made popular by Darth Maul. It is not a Sith form, it was just considered too dangerous for Jedi use and took far too long to learn.

Like Ataru it took the body of a young man to execute, but the time it took to teach safely aged out most students.