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Vaapad is the older than Shien by only a few years.

In the same way Obi Wan returned from Naboo to report of Qui Gon's death by the saber staff of Darth Maul, he voiced his concern, shared but unmentioned by Yoda and his prot�g� Mace Windu, that it was obvious the many Jedi trained in Soresu would not be prepared to face the new Sith threat.

Determined to build a form to face the threat of the confirmed saber staff wielding Sith, and whatever else may arise, Yoda and Windu began to formulate and systematize Vaapad.

As to be expected, a system developed by Yoda will have a name more poetic than literal. Vaapad means to struggle against the unknown. It was a system of fighting for an unknown enemy.

Also known as the Patient Form or Way of the Bantha (large hairy mammoth beast used to transport large cargo, long distances) Vaapad took considerably longer to teach and was still in process of design when all efforts stopped.

Not knowing the source of training Darth Maul received, or where, it was a form of questioning the unknown.

Vaapad was built as they faced new challenges. The goal was to have a form prepared for saber staff, Makashi masters, four armed cyborg monsters and who ever the mysterious Darth Sideous may be.

The next generation of Jedi would be more suited than any before for whatever the future held.

Unfortunately very little of this form was ever seen. The only exception was Mace Windu's confrontation and attempted arrest of Palpatine.

Based on Yoda's earlier encounter with Dooku, where he had to use Force Absorb against Dooku's surprise attack of force lightening, Mace Windu had been prepared for the possibility he may also have to defend the lightening attack.

Not knowing Force Absorb, Mace Windu was still ready to receive the full Sith master's attack on his blade.

Mace Windu is the only example available for Vaapad, and the battle above is the only example of its application at work there is on record.

Yoda and Windu planned to keep Vaapad secret until it was finished, and they had a class of Initiates who had completed Shii Cho, and were ready to begin the long exposure to Vaapad. Not knowing who could be trusted even among their own ranks they worked in secret.

Before any could ever learn this form, Mace Windu was killed and Anakin murdered the entire population of the Jedi Academy on Corisant. In a matter of hours all the work that went into Vaapad was lost. All that was left was stored in the Jedi archives, the system as it was up to that point, recorded by Yoda and Windu for later instruction.

Yoda could have begun Luke on Vaapad on Dagoba, but time was short, to short to bother finishing the last parts of a form, mostly recorded already, and by that time unnecessary.

All the cards had been played; there were no more unknowns.

Palpatine was public, and Vader was his disciple. Palpatine would attempt to corrupt Luke to kill Vader and take his place. Vader would attempt to convince Luke to join him and overthrow Palpatine.

Luke's training would be one of character; to deny both, and be willing to care enough for the relationship he lost with his father to be willing to be martyred, to in fact be Niman.

In doing this it was Yoda's hope Anakin would remember the woman he loved more than his Jedi oath, and that would awaken his detached heart to act to save Luke and destroy the Emperor.

Yoda was wise in all things.

What is known about Vaapad is that it is a Kai form, like Jar Kai, but it is not transmitted through Jar, it is taught by the classic Djem.

There is an attacker and victor of each exchange.

This is also the only form to have attacks from the other weapon styles. Each other form is transmitted against opponents using the same form.

To learn Vaapad there must be a proficiency in the other forms to mimic the necessary attack for each Djem.

Also the two swords in Vaapad do not match, as in the case of Jar Kai. The left hand sword, Moon arm, holds the shorter Shoto Shien style blade. The Sun arm holds the standard length blade.

Both blades point forward, no reverse grip is used in Vaapad.