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Outline For Academy Class Instruction

JEDI Formal Salutation

1) with feet together, left hand reach upward and right hand points the sword downward: The Jedi is a Moral Agent with the responsibility of bearing the sword, thus the Jedi must always be looking upward, reaching for a moral reference that is higher and exterior to themselves. The Sith observe no higher moral reference than themselves, they are their own moral law.

2) raise the sword vertically to your forehead, and bring your left hand palm up to your heart: The Jedi are Intellectual Warriors in a constant pursuit of the Universal Truth, that which is fully coherent within itself, and corespondent with all reality.The Sith believe truth is completely relative, allowing them to construct their own version of the truth. 

3) lower the sword to rest in your open left hand in front of your heart: The Jedi are always Mindful of their own emotions. The Jedi are not detached from emotion, but by contrast Jedi embrace emotion, but finding a balance from emotional extremes. The Sith embrace emotional extremes. 

4) right step back bowing forward, left open hand palm facing up rests at the heart, right rises the blade in front of the forehead: The Jedi are first and foremost Servants. The Jedi serve Universal Truth, The Jedi Order, and all mankind. The Sith have no loyalty to any person or creed that does not serve their own ambitions. 

5) left hand reach forward, right point blade downward to right side: The Jedi is part of a larger Community. We are relational beings never intended to live in seclusion. To be completely alone is not the way of the Jedi, we seek relationship within a larger community. The Sith path is lonely, but the Jedi is never alone. 

6) right step forward, feet together, left hand open palm up returns to the heart, right forearm crosses the forehead pointing the blade downward vertically to the left side: The Jedi are agents of Order. The task of the Jedi is to bring order to chaos. Whether it is in matters of diplomacy or in the heat of combat, the Jedi take the chaos they find themselves in and bring it into order. The Sith compose chaos, even creating it out of order, but order was the original design, and the Jedi are committed to return the chaos back to the order it once had.

7) left step back leaning back, pull left arm back bending vertically at the elbow, right hold the blade back above the bend of the elbow: The Jedi Order values diversity among its members. Jedi can be of any race or culture or height or weight or personality type. The membership is diverse, but the cause we stand for, and the character that makes up a Jedi is common to all. We are a diverse order, but united by a common purpose. The Sith may also be diverse in form, but they lack a common purpose or cause to unite under.

8) pivot forward shifting weight onto right foot and bending the right knee, left arm raise above your head palm up, right point blade forward to the ground: The Jedi are mortal, and embrace the knowledge that each individual will come to a final end. Death is inevitable, and to the Jedi it is not feared or avoided. Death can even be honorable, and it is the honorable death that the Jedi most covets. It may be a quiet passing in a bed surrounded by family and friends, or it may be a violent end in battle, but in any case the honorable death is not about the death itself, but about the life the Jedi lived, what they contributed to mankind, who they leave behind inspired to do the same. the Sith see only what they can get from this life and will take any measure necessary to extend that life as long as possible.

9) left step forward, feet together, right circle the sword to cut downward and outward diagonally: The Jedi is mortal, but the spirit of the Jedi is eternal. The Jedi embraces the knowledge they will die, but also know this is not by desgin. Death is an imposter. Mankind was meant to live forever, that was the design, but death has corrupted the original design and infected us all making us mortal. The soul of the Jedi, however cannot be destroyed as the body can, it is indestructable and eternal. 

Wave Drill Warm Ups

Using the longest available space of dimension cross the room back and forth pairing footwork steps with basics

Shii Cho right advance Moon Sai Mok, Moon Shii Cho left advance Sun Sai Mok

Shii Cho right advance Moon Sweep Mok, Moon Shii Cho left advance Sun Sweep Mok

Makashi Kessel Run advance Moon Shien, Kessel Run Sun Shien, Lunge Shiak

Left side Makashi Kessel Run advance Moon Shien, Kessel Run Sun Shien, Lunge Shiak

Krenth left Hut Slide advance into Djem So, right Hut Slide Sai

Krenth left Hut Ataru advance into Djem So, right Hut Ataru Sai (Falling Leaf)

Xesh Cresh step Cronosphere Shiak Orbital

Ataru Xesh Tallon Roll advance

Ataru Xesh Tallon Roll advance, Jung Trill Tallon Roll

Shiim Cutting

From Soresu right retreat to Djem So, right advance Sai Shiim

From Soresu right retreat to Djem So, right advance Moon Sai Mok Shiim

From Soresu right retreat to Djem So, left Kessel Run advance Sun Sai Mok Shiim

Soresu Blaster Cortay Orbital (both hands)

From Shii Cho: Moon Sai Mok From Moon Shii Cho: Sun Sai Mok
From Shii Cho: Moon Sweep Mok From Moon Shii Cho: Sun Sweep Mok
From Juyo: Moon Cha Cho From Moon Juyo: Sun Cha Cho
From Juyo: Moon Mai Cho From Moon Juyo: Sun Mai Cho
From Ataru: Moon Tai Cho From Moon Ataru: Sun Tai Cho
From Djem So: Sai From Ataru: Sweep

Moon Cha Cortay Sun Cha Cortay
Moon Mai Cortay Sun Mai Cortay
Moon Tai Cortay Sun Tai Cortay

Shii Cho Jar

Cycle through each Jar of Shii Cho each week and through the course of a year you will complete all 12 of them 4 times

 Depending on the theme of the year take one of the Jars, Sequences, Velocities, Djems, or Dulons from that system (Shii Cho will never be a theme)