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Can a school of Martial Arts Be Christian?

Today we have so many different sources of stimulation from TV, YouTube, Netflix, Video games - the list goes on. we have stimulated ourselves into a coma!

There is so much entertainment available it has caused a detachment from living the God-given adventure we were made for. Instead, many people passively live out their need for adventure through a screen. We are not motivated to build and create. Complacency and laziness settle in too easily. No Wonder, No Adventure, we detach from life, and then are surprised when we are unhappy, and unhealthy.

I hope to break that cycle with my students. I cheer on their accomplishments and encourage them in their challenges, in and out of the dojo. We share our lives with one another and build community around the Karate training.

When a young person has a healthy relationship with an adult outside of their family - someone who takes a genuine interest in their life - it can make a huge difference in the path that young person follows.

I believe this kind of supportive environment sets Bluegrass Martial Arts apart from every other dojo in town.

Bluegrass Martial Arts is part of the Karate for Christ International network, and is thus sympathetic to priorities a Christian looks for when choosing a teacher in any field. I realize I have a hug responsibility as an instructor, but an even bigger one as a role model and mentor. That is the reality of where my Christian Faith and the day to day “play” of Karate intersect. Karate is an adventure full of imagination and wonder.

More to the point, Kenpo as practiced at Bluegrass Martial Arts, does not come with many of the commonly practiced Buddhist influenced traditions such as meditation, bowing to everything and everyone, or exercises promoting the use of "chi"/"ki" as opposed to the general laws of physics.

This system of martial art has no eastern religious truth claims or faith practices. It is a complete system of self-defense that is coherent with the Christian worldview. Bluegrass Martial Arts is dedicated to produce students that are equipped to protect the Sanctity of Life, and represent a community set apart.